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SQF Operations

Being certified in Safe Quality Food (SQF) guidelines assures a cleaner, faster, safer process and the highest standards for food processing as well as other industries.

Examples of policies, procedures, training, and equipment that Polar Clean has in place, as part of SQF include:

  • GMP training – GMP stands for “Good Manufacturing Practices” and it is a minimal baseline training that is desired for anyone entering a food plant. All of our employees have this training.
  • HACCP certification – HACCP (pronounced as “hass-up”) stands for “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point”. This is advanced training that all of our people receive, and the analysis motivated Polar Clean to put other policies and procedures in place, as well. Evaluations are made on potential threats from contaminants, including Chemical, Physical, Biological, and Allergens.
  • Sanitation program – with schedules, procedures, and training.
  • Foreign material policy
  • Glass policy
  • Allergen controls testing program
  • Composite Risk Management of every job
  • Containment procedures and training
  • Training and operations verification systems, including mock recalls
  • Dry ice lot traceability – numbering of each dry ice tote, in case of a recall.
  • Security monitored equipment and supply storage – includes protection of our vehicles, equipment and dry ice from malicious contamination.
  • Over 50 training programs in total


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