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Broadest Range of Dry Ice and Abrasive Blasting Types

We Have the Blasting Type to Fit Your Specific Job

When you’re in need of a powerful cleaning job, you’re looking for a solution that fits your specific needs. Not every industrial cleaning job is the same, but each one should be handled with care and performed with the highest quality. At Polar Clean, we specialize in unique, environmentally-friendly dry ice blasting solutions. We can customize the blasting type to make sure each job is done right.

We have four levels of blasting types to fit your needs: dry ice alone, hybrid dry ice and abrasive media, environmentally-friendly and abrasive media alone and aggressive abrasive media alone. You won’t find anyone else in our industry who can offer you this scope of blasting solutions. If you aren’t sure which type best fits your specific needs, take a look at our Cleaning Solutions Guide to help you determine the optimum solution for your application.

4 Levels of Aggression

1. Dry Ice Alone

Dry Ice Dusting

Dry Ice Blasting

2. Hybrid Dry Ice and Abrasive Media

AIM System™ (Patent Pending)

3. Environmentally Friendly & Abrasive Media Alone

Dry Abrasive

4. Aggressive Abrasive Media Alone

Wet Abrasive

Dry Abrasive

Dry Abrasive

Dry Abrasive

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